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The D'ast Raccoonatics

(a Champions Online Supergroup)

Once Upon a Time, the visionary behind Diablo, David Brevik, met the red-hot Marvel IP and a flarkin' awesome MMOARPG was created. That game, Marvel Heroes (which I had the fortune of playing for five years) is sadly no more. One thing I greatly valued about MH was its community and especially my friends, and my supergroup - the D'ast Raccoonatics. Founded by me, DarkBeast, and a gaze of Rocket Raccoon fans, our group ran for the entirety of the game's existence. So... I could not allow it to die with the Marvel Heroes sunset.

I reached out to friends and, soon, I created the D'ast Raccoonatics on Champions Online. No, it's not Marvel Heroes, but Champions Online is a good F2P game, it has an awesome character creator (maybe the best I've ever seen), and most importantly, you can make a raccoon!

Leo Wyld aka the Raccoon Commander

Champions Online

The Supergroup

I'd like to think of the D'ast Raccoonatics as a casual, friendly supergroup. Anyone is welcome to join - just search Raccoonatics while in Champions Online and see if anyone is online to invite you and ask them for an invite. Champions Online uses a name and handle system, not unlike Twitter. My handle is, simply, Leowyld. Because handles are applied to names in chat and such, your hero's name itself (mine above is Leo Wyld) does not need to be unique/unused - which is pretty cool.

Admittedly, the Rocket Raccoon theme does not translate that well onto Champions Online. If you try to make an outright Rocket clone, you'd get in trouble. But if you want to think of the name in the context of the game world as referencing raccoons, in general, that would make sense - since its Commander is one and would very likely celebrate his raccoonity with his group's name. It might even be fun if members tried to make their own raccoon hero on a slot but that's obviously not required (and admittedly the raccoon costume parts are in a microtransation pack)

Champions Online can be downloaded through Steam or via PW's own launcher Arc which can be obtained from the official Champions Online site. One advantage of Arc is that you can complete game-related tasks called quests, which earn you points. The points can be turned in for premium currency. So, it is one way to get microtransactions without cash, albeit rather slowly.

One more note, I'd like to give a shout out to Paragon Dawn. While technically a supergroup itself, Paragon Dawn is a game-wide community (and one that rose from the ashes of City of Heroes' shutdown - much like we did with Marvel Heroes). They do not use their SG chat channel but a created chat channel that everyone in their community can use, even those in affiliated supergroups (like ours). They also have their own online radio station - which you can find as a widget on the left side of the site or on its own dedicated radio page (along with DJ schedules, etc). If you are interested in joining the Paragon Dawn community, too, you have to put in an application on their site. Link

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