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Contacting the Raccoonatic Commander

Twitter: @leowyld (probably the best way to contact me, as I almost always watch it)

Champions Online: @Leowyld (I play some most days, so you can try to add me to Friends in game and attempt to contact me that way) - We also have a supergroup on Champions Online called the D'ast Raccoonatics (see link button above)

Xbox Live: Raccoonatic (I often have my Xbox on, if not for games then for watching Twitch or Netflix - it's in the same room as my computer. We have a fandom Club on XB1/Windows 10 called The Raccoonatics. Anyone is welcome to join!)

Twitch: Leowyld (I stream once in a while and watch streams often. I am also in a guild on Guild Wars 2 called The Otterman Empire - highly recommended - that belongs to a Twitch streamer named BogOtter - my name on Guild Wars 2 is Leowyld.3742)

Steam: Leowyld )

World of Warcraft: Currently, I have moved my focus towards the Wyrmrest Accord US server. On Horde side, where we are hoping to one day see Vulpera as an Allied Race, I've joined a Vulpera-themed guild Wildheart Caravan. My main in that guild is named Hainiu (but will be Mero if we ever get Vulpera). On the Alliance side, I've changed servers many, many times but now I have a Worgen that is a hunter named Leowyld.

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