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Rogue Gone Rogue


Raymond Carlton was naturally brilliant. A precocious but introverted wunderkind in his youth, none were too surprised that he ended up working as a scholar and teacher for the Royal Gilnean Library. A true bookworm, Raymond's interests spanned many subjects from history and the Arts to the sciences. His particular favorite subjects, however, were zoology and natural science. Additionally, Raymond was adept at engineering and technology. While some considered that at odds with his other studies, he believed appreciation for the natural world improved his understanding of technology and vice-versa. One of his projects in the zoological milieu was rescuing and raising a raccoon from a pup. He became attached to the critter and named him Larson, choosing to adopt him as a pet. When Gilneas fell, Raymond - who had been one of those infected by the Worgen curse - escaped to Stormwind. Having heard of his talents, a representative from Stormwind's intelligence agency SI:7 invited Raymond to join their Research & Development department. Wanting to put his skills to use, he accepted the invite.

While it was nice to feel useful, at first, it soon became evident that his ilk was seen as second-class to the group's field agents. Fix this (sophisticated device I wrecked through misuse), lab rat. Get me some tea, lab rat. Why aren't you a gnome, lab rat? He grew tired of being a mere tech assistant to those who were perceived as the "real" heroes. He grew tired of working for an organization that was, more and more, putting factional politics above threats to Azeroth and the common people. One of the benefits to the "curse" had been physical and athletic capabilities he had lacked in his former human form, there was no reason he could not be everything one of the SI:7 field agents was but driven by his compass. To fight the threats to Azeroth, he needed to be wild, fierce, cunning, agile... in this, he saw that inspiration in his raccoon companion Larson. So, with that in mind, he gathered his notes and engineering devices and hit the road with a new style and a new path! Inspired by Larson and a group of wild Worgen adventurers called the Brothers Moon - distant cousins, he had heard rumored - he called himself Raccmoon!


*(Raccmoon can be found on the Wyrmrest Accord-NA server and is a member of the  guild

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